23 Faces Everyone Who Went To A British Secondary School Will Remember

1 The “Walking Down the Corridor and Seeing Your Friend In Another Classroom” Face:



2. The “I’ve Got Food In My Mouth and the Teacher is Walking Over” Face:


3. The “Someone Has Turned the Lights Off In the Changing Rooms” Face:


4. The “Teacher Just Used My Work as An Example” Face:


5. The “Teacher Stopped Me and My Friend Sitting Next to Each Other” Face:


6. The “I Was the Only Person Who Saw a Fight So Everyone Keeps Asking Me About It” Face:


7. The “Everyone Get Into Pairs” Face:

8. The “Year 7 Tries to Talk to You When You’re In Year 11” Face:


9. The “Scoring the Winner When It’s ‘Next Goal Wins’ At Lunchtime” Face:


10. The “Person You Hate Gets a Question Wrong” Face:


11. The “Mum, It’s 4pm, Where the Fuck are You?” Face:


12. The “Someone Said There’s a Fight Happening On the Field” Face:


13. The “Teacher Asked Me to Repeat What She Said Because She Thought I Wasn’t Listening, But I Got It Right Word For Word” Face:


14. The “Realising You and Your Friend are In the Same Class” Face:


15. The “Person Marking Your Test Asks if Your Answer Counts” Face:


16. The “Seeing Another School When You’re On a School Trip” Face:


17. The “When the Teacher Would Turn Around After Shouting At You” Face.


18. The “Getting a Question Right That the Teacher Asked Because He Thought You Weren’t Listening” Face:


19. The “Hearing Your Teacher Swear For the First Time”.


20. The “Walking Out of School For the Summer Holidays” Face.


21. The “Watching a Video In Class” Face:


22. The “Your Name Just Got Mentioned In a Book” Face:


23. The “Finishing the Exam Then Discussing Your Answers With Your Friends, Realising That You’ve Failed the Whole Thing” Face.



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