Apple unveil IPhone 6

The new Iphone 6 will be out later this year and apple have released a few pictures of it.

The new phone has been rumored to be much faster then previous version and comes packed with additional features.

Here is the first image we have


As you can see not much has changed compared to the iphone 5…or has it?


The screen has been made slightly bigger and the button slightly wider making it easier to click, however the biggest feature is the small dot on the left hand side.

This dot will be foundation of the next iphone , but what does it do?

The dot is a way for apple fans to showcase they have the new iphone 6 when it is released and does nothing, but records show apple fans will happily pay $800 for this additional dot.

The dot known as the “dot” by apple engineers comes in 6 different styles and colours ranging from blue, to black and users will be able to buy the phone based on the dot of their choice.

The dots will also be customizable and for only an extra $150 you can have your dot in a range of different styles from the elliptical dot , to the semi dot.

Other features such as normal text messaging without having to faf about with iMessage and not receiving messages because you dont have 3g in the area are also to be added.

As well as a cooling fan to stop the phone over heating when you reply to a text message.

Apple is set to make another $4Billion profit next year with plans to sue samsung for adding a dot to the end of serial number on the back of their phones, Apple have seen this as stealing their design idea and will be taking action.



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