Chinese Mars Rover Finds Evidence of Nazis in Space

It’s long been rumoured that during World War II the Nazis had found a way to not only get a rocket into space, but also established a base on Earth’s moon.

himmler in space

Artist’s impression of Heinrich Himmler in a spacesuit

Recent findings from the Mars module suggest famous US conspiracy theorists such as Cletus McGuffin and Jimbob Denzler may have been onto something after all, after early findings from the rover module have shown images that faintly resemble a swastika branded into the side of a distant rock face.

Youtube users examining the footage have claimed that if examining a specific paused image from the rover’s datafeed for over 2 hours, the Swastika image starts to become apparent.

The official line from the Chinese government yesterday attempted to draw a line under the ‘findings’ by stating

“We have found no evidence whatsoever of Nazi colonisation on Mars, or even any form of life for that matter. If you’re dumb enough to look at a screen for 2 hours, then of course you’ll see Jesus’ face in a pancake.”

The statement was firmly rebutted by the Youtube alien and conspiracy community, with one Youtube viewer responding, “Of course that’s what they WANT  you to think”.

The community has gained notoriety in recent years, and continues to supply insightful findings from Mars rover imagery such as the acclaimed video “Weird Mars Alien Caught Pissing Behind Rock

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Meanwhile, the quest for life (and Nazis) continues.

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