F1 drastic rule changes

F1 drastic rule changes

Formula 1 is to make its most drastic rule changes yet in an effort to make the sport more enjoyable to watch.

In a current court battle between the teams, the FIA is in negotiations that all cars must tow a caravan through the entire race adding to the drivers challenges, the caravans must be intact before the end of the race or the driver will be disqualified.

in a recent press release bernie ecclestone said “We are trying our best to improve the sport for our viewers and we think it will improve the ratings of the sport, the caravans will contain their own DRS system in which the front windows will open when a driver is within 1 second of the car in-front, allowing air to directly pass through the caravan reducing drag”

The caravans will also come with a KERS recovery system of their own allowing more energy to be harnessed by the car under braking.

Bernie is also in discussions with whether or not to house the drivers race engineer in the caravan during the race allowing a closer inspection of the car during a race, giving the team more information on the car . This also comes with another advantage of when there is a loss of radio communication in a race due to technical difficulties, the race engineers will be able to communicate with the drivers by shouting out of the side window during a race.

The FIA will confirm the rule changes in the coming weeks.




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