Facebook members required taking an exam before having an account.

Facebook members required taking an exam before having an account.

In a bid to stop the amount of rubbish people post on social media platforms Facebook are going to be the first to implement a test in order to obtain a social media typing license.

Similar to that of a driving license with a points system, members will have to comply with strict rules or face penalties on their social media license,  once they have exceeded their points they will lose their license for a set amount of time.

Once a user has a license it will be valid across any social media platform.

Regulations examples include

1 picture of your food per month
1 Update per month regarding the weather
1 Update per year insulting an ex-partner
3 Selfies per week
1 attention seeking picture per month
The test will be based on both a theory and a practical exam; the theory will contain multi choice questions such as

1)      You cook for the very first time and your food looks delicious, what do you do next?

  1. Eat the food
  2. Ring your friends and tell them
  3. Post a picture on facebook


2)      A friend splits with her partner, what do you do?

  1. Find him on facebook and ask him out.
  2. Find out who why he split with your friend and then update your facebook slagging him off.
  3. Ring your friend and console her
  4. Write all over your friend’s wall saying insulting the ex to make her look good.


The practical exam will be a 3 month trial once you have passed your theory, in this time you will be under a probation in which from time to time spot checks will be made to ensure you are abiding by the rules.

Members who consistently break these laws could face fines and even jail sentences of up to 5 years if they post an excessive number of status’s regarding what they had for tea.

A spokesman for facebook said – “This is a great move, today we start a new chapter in social media by being able to police and control the users contents more, we hope this moves gives everyone a more pleasurable experience when using social media platforms,  it is good day for the internet”

A website labelled http://boostlikes.com has welcomed the new move.

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