Scientist Declares Bras Are Pointless


Model Emily Ratajkowski’s full figure has caught a lot of attention in 2013

After spending 16 years studying the breasts of hundreds of women, a French scientist has declared that they are of little value.

Claiming to have examined over 300 women’s boobs since he started his research in 1997, Jean-Denis Rouillon declared his findings on a French University radio station.

In what comes as a surprise from one of the countries most famous for it’s lingerie, he argues that reliance on wearing a brazier actually weakens the muscles holding up breasts, and suggests that going sans-bra may actually result in firmer breasts.

One 28 year old radio station caller responded by agreeing with Rouillon, claiming “You breathe better, you stand up straighter, you have less back pain,’.

Does this mean he’s advocating every woman empties their bedroom of all bras? Evidently not: ‘A middle-aged women, overweight, with 2.4 children? I’m not at all sure she’d benefit from abandoning bras,’ he said.

What do you think?

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