X Factor Not Set To Return For 2014

It was revealed today that one of the worlds most watched shows has announced it will not return for 2014, despite auditions already being underway.


Producers and Simon Cowell have made the decision to not bring back the show for the year 2014, and possibly 2015, due to a decline in ratings over the years. However, producers have revealed there will be a comeback show at some stage in the near future, hinting this is not the last we will see of the show.

In an attempt to boost ratings producers have decided to rest the show for up to 2 years, with a corresponding comeback show to aid the shows flagging ratings. The 1 or 2 year rest will be used to spend time on redeveloping the show to give it a makeover, due to a mixture of discontent amongst the judges, and reports appearing to show families have grown tired of the show’s self importance.

A Guardian opinion poll taken in October 2013 revealed whilst 63% of viewers identified with Sharon Osborne’s “bolshy maternal persona”, a whopping 87% indicated they were incapable of hearing at a pitch high enough to understand the comments made by Nicole Scherzinger whilst judging on the television show. One male viewer remarked “I like watching the show mostly for Nicole and the other bits of eye candy, but only when the TV’s on mute.”

Cowell has reportedly claimed he’s sick of making money from viewers with no discernable taste in music, and in what appears to be a complete change of career direction, has expressed desire to fulfil his lifelong dream of launching a Big Brother style reality series featuring Elvis impersonators on a scale large enough to compete with Endemol’s original. Cowell was unavailable for comment, however a member of Cowell’s production team made it clear that exploiting talentless individiuals for public entertainment continues to be one of his core business strategies moving forward into 2014.


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